Business Coaching Case Study

Dreaming Fish Productions Ltd

Workforce (Jobs): Up from 2 people to 6 people (300% increase in 12 months)

GVA (Turnover): 75% increase in 9 months

Ambition:   ‘My big ambition for Dreaming Fish is that currently there is no single company that dominates the corporate video market. I’d like Dreaming Fish to be that company. Bring it on’! – Phil Miller

If you ring up Dreaming Fish Productions HQ, you won’t hear the usual tinny classical sounds of being on hold. Instead you’ll be greeted by their self-declared ‘fabulously talented voiceover guy’ reeling off a list of the kind of jokes your dad might tell. This playful touch perfectly sums up the attitude of the Surrey-based video production company, which moved two years ago from being Managing Director Phil Miller’s hobby into a fully-fledged business. Over their first year Dreaming Fish Productions grew successfully and worked with a number of business coaches on their short term goals, however, Phil realised they did not have a strategy in place to maximise their growth potential.

Phil met with Business Growth Manager Roya Croudace to discuss their growth plan, and the two of them selected Stuart Mitchell as the ideal coach for the job. Stuart is a leadership and team building expert with over 25 years’ experience as a coach, and he and Phil worked to plan how to move the business forward. They began by clearly defining the company’s culture and philosophy to better project themselves to prospective clients and to better integrate new recruits. They then made a three-year business plan projecting Dreaming Fish Productions objectives and strategy for the future. This plan is, Phil says, still pinned on the office wall and is subject to regular updates at team meetings.

Dreaming Fish Productions have won six film awards for their videos in the last year, three Auroras and three AVAs. Their turnover is up 75% from 2013/14, and their international aspirations are moving forward full steam ahead. As of the end of the last financial year 40% of their business is now in the USA, something they plan to keep cultivating going forward.

Dreaming Fish Productions’ GrowthAccelerator journey has been so productive that they entered a successful application for a second round of matched-funded Leadership and Management training with Stuart, this time focusing on boosting Phil’s leadership skills to deal with their expanding workforce. With 50% of the leadership coaching sessions completed, Phil Miller is now planning further global expansion starting with teams in the USA, Australia and Bulgaria.   How has this happened?   Stuart takes Phil through a series of steps from awareness to reflection, into insights and finally action planning.   This facilitated learning empowers Phil’s team to work collaboratively on value adding decision making and implementation strategies.   Now with more time to plan through better delegation, Phil continues to build on growth scenarios and recruit the best guys for his business.   The dream is coming to fruition!

“Phil has learned the secret of business success – inspire your team and trust them to share and deliver your vision”

Stuart Mitchell, Business Improvement Coach, Take Positive Action