MD Support

“It’s lonely at the top. Every MD feels this at some time. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had someone to talk to who is skilled and experienced in business, is objective and knowledgeable? With them you could sound-out ideas, plan for the future and discuss your finances and all in the strictest confidence. This is just what our MD support programme does – it provides reliable, sound, support for business owners and managing directors, on a regular, convenient basis.”  Ted Clarke, Take Positive Action Business Support.

business-handshakeOur MD support programme provides regular meetings with one of our skilled, quality-assured business advisors, who will listen to you and give on-going advice on any aspect of your business. They can act as a sounding board for new ideas and help you to solve your business (and people) challenges. These regular meetings give MDs a ‘breathing space’ to take stock: stepping out of the day-to-day to “work on the business, rather than in it”.

You and your advisor agree a plan for your business. At each meeting you review progress together and agree a series of next steps and a time frame. Your business advisor will help you complete the agreed tasks (or revise them, if that becomes necessary). This provides a framework of accountability and continuous review, which will keep you, and your business, on-track. Our service includes telephone and email assistance between meetings – just to bounce off an idea, ask a quick question, find a high-quality supplier or specialist or just for some general guidance.

Maybe one of the following describes your situation:
• Want to take stock of your business and create a sound plan for the next the coming years?
• Hit a ‘block’ preventing your business from growing and want to find a solution?
• Looking for an exit strategy from your business
• Do you want to prepare your business for sale or a merger?

Take Positive Action provides help for MDs (or directors) at these critical moments in their businesses life-cycle.

So, if you have reached a crossroads with your business and not sure where to go next, then Take Positive Action MD programme is specifically for you.
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