Mindfulness for your business

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way on purpose in the present moment and non-judgementally. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness in BusinessMuch more than just mantras and meditation, mindfulness is a way of looking inside yourself. It enables you to be able to let go of all that mental baggage that we all carry round with us and to live with the stress of modern living whether at home or at work. Once you have learned to see and experience any situation with less reaction — even if you are experiencing stress, fear, anger, or sadness at that moment — then a more constructive set of choices emerges, enabling you to respond in a more considered and productive way.

How can mindfulness help your business?

  • Mindfulness is the ultimate stress-reliever
  • Mindfulness improves your ability to focus
  • Mindfulness boosts your creativity
  • Mindfulness improves your emotional intelligence

If you take a mindful approach to running your business you will be empowered to move from merely reacting to events to responding in a more considered and rounded way, taking positive action to develop your business.

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Mindfulness in Business Programme

We have developed a programme to help business owners realise the potential of mindfulness for their business. Our programme is in two modules:

Part 1 – Mindfulness Practice – a four-week interactive online course to take you through the techniques of mindfulness. This multimedia course can be done in your own time and will build up your understanding of and proficiency in mindfulness techniques to create a quality of mind that is calm and clear.

Part 2 – Mindfulness in your Business – a blend of an online programme coupled with one to one sessions with an experienced business coach. This part of the programme helps you to apply the mindfulness practice that you learned in part 1 to your own business and realise lasting improvements in your business performance.