NLP Techniques for Sales Success

This is a 1-day programme.
It is part of our open course program for individuals and businesses.
We can also arrange for this program to be presented in-house at a time and location that suits you.

A workshop that teaches awareness of NLP techniques for success in sales in a business to business environment that has been proven in both services and product based environments.
NB Please note that this is not an NLP practioners course. The course teaches the use of NLP techniques that will help in a sales environment.

Who Should Attend
Delegates to this program will be those who wish to improve their selling skills, achieve their targets consistently and build longer term relationships and have a real interest in working with people.

Programme Content
You will be shown and experience the NLP techniques to allow you to improve your sales techniques.
The following topics are included with case studies and exercises used to illustrate the key points.

  • What is selling?
  • Discover the real buying motives of customers.
  • Effective questioning and listening relative to the buying signals of your customer.
  • Matching customer needs to their wants and knowing the difference.
  • Objection handling before the objection comes.
  • Understanding why different types of customers rspond in different ways.
  • Building Rapport that will enable you to develop long term relationships.

Examples of the techniques used in each of the above areas are provided and demonstrated. Where appropriate, the correct way to gain appointments and open the first selling meeting are also covered.


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