Powerful Networking

This is a ½ day program.
It is part of our open course program for individuals and businesses. We can also arrange for this program to be presented in-house at a time that suits you.

For many companies and individuals, the very lifeblood of their business depends on who they know and how they get to know them. This programme looks at the rules you need to know, how to play these rules for maximum benefit and how to turn networking events into something to look forward to rather than dread.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who has to network to get business or who depends on networking to develop links in order to further their business eg most entrepreneurs, business owners, professional service providers.

Programme Content
At the end of this course you will have learned:

  • Why you should Network.
  • Pre event planning.
  • Your network strategy
  • The “Job” of networking
  • The event itself.
  • Overcoming the “fear”
  • Tricks of introduction
  • How to break into a group
  • How to “dump the Dullard”
  • Working a room
  • Developing an event filing system
  • Network admin
  • Post Event
  • Follow up

The course is interactive with lots of practical tips to make YOU a powerful networker, with role play and exercises to cement the learning.

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